Translate OpenHospital

Dear OpenHospital's translators,

We are really thankful for your contributions up to now and everyday we work to evolve OpenHospital software and to ease contributors work. For this reason we decided to start using Transifex as translation tool for our leading product.


(the platform is very user-friendly, just try it! If you run into problems please continue reading)

How to contribute (login and join the team)

In order to contribute actively, all you need is a web browser and an account on Transifex, that you can create as new or using your Google, GitHub or Linkedin accounts. The latter will enable you to share your activities and achievement statistics in your portfolio (as a planned Transifex's feature). After few questions about who you are, you'll be able to "Join an Existing Project" and to list the languages you speak (put as many you want); now you are ready to "Get Started" and to "Find a project to Translate". You can search for "openhospital" or, without messing around, you just click here to access OpenHospital's project page and then on "Join the team"; select the language for which you want to contribute for and then click "Join". As soon as possible we will accept you request and you will be able to start translating the project (to speed up is better to inform us about your request anyway and we can even add you to the project just straight away if you want). Once your request has been approved (you are part of the team) you will receive an alert email with the link to the "Team Overview (Start Translating)". On that page you will find some information about the Team and its members and the link to the projects they take care. Just click on OpenHospital (same link as above) and you will see now the big blue button Translate.


By clicking on the button "Translate" you will be able to start your translation job through the "Translate Board" with a very fast tutorial on how to start. 
Basically, you have: 
1) on the left the dictionary to be translated (grouped by "All", "Untranslated" and "Unreviewed"), 
2) in the center your translation space for the selected word/sentence and 
3) on the right a suggestion panel whose mechanism are described here. 
As you may already guessed, the dictionary to be tranlsated is the ".properties" file that we were used to share before, and on the left panel you have always the English version (default, as reference). An important hint about the translation context, as you may already know, is the "key", e.g. "angal.medicalstock.multipledischarging.packets", which means: we are in the "medicalstock" window, in the "multipledischarging" window and we are going to translate the label "packets", so we are talking about packets of goods, that can be charged and discharged in the stock.

Please keep as much as possible special characters like "new lines", "commas", "dashes", "colons", "semicolons", "exclamation and question marks", "dots", "double quotes" and "greater and lesser". For "new lines" you can click on the original translation to copy and past automatically.

Testing the translation (optional)

In the OpenHospital's project dashboard, you can click on "Languages" (link) and select the language you are contributing to; you will be redirect to the list of resources to be translated for that language in our project (only at the moment). By clicking on the resource you will see a new popup window with different options:

  • "Download file to translate", the old fashion way you already know, that allow also to "Update" the same file after your "offline" translation work with your favourite tools;
  • "Download for use", allows to download, rename and use your translation (just replace the resource in the last "portable" version, downloadable here).
  • Insights and other stuff...

For "coming soon" version and next releases, a special link will be distributed to this Mailing List before the official release and a new resource will be uploaded on Transifex with the same name (e.g. link for OpenHospital_1.8.4 and new resource

Happy Translations!

Hope that this work will be appreciated from you and we look forward for your happy feedback; for any question/suggestion please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thanks and happy translations!