Getting Started FAQ

  1. (updated) How do I run the create_all_en.sql script?
    1. After downloaded the MySQL Server it should be already up and running and mysql executable command in the system path

    2. Assuming default conditions, you should be able to now connect to it like this, move to the mysql/db folder and run

      mysql -u root -p
      mysql> (mysql prompt)
    3. Assuming you ran the previous command from mysql/db folder, run the command 

      mysql> create_all_en.sql 
    4. If you see any errors at this point sometime during the execution, you most likely have a very recent version of mysql. Currently, I am running version 5.0.6 → Since version 1.11.0 portable will be released with MariaDB version 10.2.40

  2. When running the startup.cmd script it complains with a ClassNotFoundException?
    1. Make sure that you run the script from the target folder.
      1. After running `mvn clean install`, you should now see a target folder. Under this folder there is a folder called OpenHospital20. Enter this directory and execute the startup script.

  3. I am running the startup.cmd script from the target folder but I keep getting this error "The input line is too long the syntax of the command is incorrect"
    1. Command prompt has a string limit of 8191 characters. The script appends the path of the jar dependencies to an environment variable. If the path of each jar is too long, the character limit will be exceeded causing this error. An alternateStartup.cmd exists (yet to be discussed OP-79) that uses the relative path. It is imperative that you are within the target/OpenHospital20 directory before executing this directory.

  4. (updated) Why the project does not follow the Maven standard directory layout? What about separating all tests from source like in the Maven standard directory layout, so: /src/main/java/ vs /src/test/java
    1. The layout is like that since 2005, when Maven maybe was not the first option for a small project, but definitely the times are ripe for this reorganization; since it is a refactoring that will compromise comparing between versions we will open an issue at the next milestone (v1.10.0) → Now Maven Standard Layout has been adopted for "core" and "gui" .

  5. (updated) Is there any technical reason for the lack of support of Java versions 6+?
    1. Yes, the hardware libraries, some of them only work properly with Java6 32bit at the moment. See OP-108. → Since v1.11.0 the application will be built with Java8.
  6. (updated) Why are there database scripts in the GUI project..?
    1. Because before it was a monolithic application and we are still in the OP-65 issue. They can be removed though. → Since v1.10.0 mysql script have been removed from "gui" and only appear in "core".

  7. (updated) Is the GUI (= Swing GUI) project still actively developed or just maintained for existing deployments?
    1. The developments for the GUI Swing should be stopped (intentionally) with the Realease 2.0 and after that we should concentrate only on the new UX (WIP). Nevertheless we have many users still using it, also in some customized fashion, so we should provide support and also develop some small features for some projects

  8. I get Exception in thread "main" java.awt.AWTError: Assistive Technology not found: org.GNOME.Accessibility.AtkWrapper, what to do?
    1. You probably have headless jdk, see possibile solution here 

  9. All setup properly, I get ERROR - Connections could not be acquired from the underlying database!, what to do?
    1. You are probably using a too recent version of MySQL connector, see possible solution here