Smart Commits


This page contains information on how to use Smart Commits while you are coding for the OpenHospital project.

Smart Commits allow repository committers to perform actions such as transitioning JIRA Software issues or embedding specific commands into their commit messages.

You can:

  • comment on issues
  • record time tracking information against issues
  • transition issues to any status defined in the JIRA Software project's workflow.

What is important for Agile in OpenHospital project

We need that you include in your commit at least

  • the issue key (e.g. 'OP-11')
  • the time you spend for the commit (e.g. '#time 1h 30m')
  • [optional] the transition to apply to the issue

One example is worth a thousand words

Commit for issue OP-11 #comment added Gradle support #time 1d 4h #in-review Please review my work


<ignored text> <ISSUE_KEY> <ignored text> #<COMMAND> <optional COMMAND_ARGUMENTS>

Other Smart Commit commands

We invite you to refer to the official documentation Using Smart Commits.


It is also possible to log your #time directly on the Jira issues (Log work):

Altough this method is more long, can be more precise and it affect immediately the SCRUM board and Sprint (in opposite to the smart commit that will be taken in account only after merge commits from your pull-requests)